TEATI Architects is an experienced architecture studio specialized in exhibition design. Our expertise lies in creating immersive and engaging experiences for visitors including conservation grade casework, visual communication, lighting, and high-end furniture design. We narrate the story, explore the museum message and construct spatial experiences. Since 2010, we have designed wide variety of museums and exhibitions from Mongolia to San Francisco. Our diverse portfolio includes renowned exhibitions such as Chinese Treasures and Terracotta Warriors, Topkapı Palace, History of Presidential Symphony Orchestrate and Google Art Institute.
TEATI derives its name from the concept of "ex-change," which encapsulates our belief in the power of multi-disciplinary teamwork and the value of brainstorming and  variety. We take on the responsibility of managing collections and generating ideas on how to bring them together, both in terms of museum's message and museum architecture. In this context, by undertaking different roles- designer, architect, curator, researcher, consultant, copywriter, audio-visual design specialist, etc.- at different stages of design process- we transform and re-functionalize buildings, including those of historical significance. Our design expertise extends to diverse adaptive re-use projects from industrial heritage sites to historical palaces, bastions, and even stables etc.
Our design facilities vary from Collection Management, Curatorship, Museum Design, Conservation and Transformation of Historical Heritage, Thematic and Ephemeral Exhibition Design, Master Planning of Exhibition Campuses and Museum Management Plan to Manufacturing Consultancy and Turn Key Projects. 
Since 2018, we have been engaged R&D Projects in the museum industry and industrial design.  Our dedicated branch is situated within the Ankara Technology Development Campus. Here, we focus on designing, prototyping, and fabricating industrial designs that are tailored for our exhibitions.

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